Lutheran NW Sweeps Cross Country Titles

Tuesday, October 20 – The 2020 M.I.A.C. Cross Country Championship held at Oakland Christian saw Lutheran NW claim their 1st Conference Championship in both boys and girls cross country titles in school history.  In the boys race Lutheran NW had a huge day come from behind to edge out Whitmore Lake for the title after Whitmore Lake had won the previous two jamborees.  On the girls side Lutheran NW dominated the season winning all three conference meets decisively.  Individually Roeper’s William Hoover and Huron Valley’s Erika Van Loton both captured their 2nd straight M.I.A.C. individual title earning each of them back-to-back M.I.A.C. Conference MVP honors.

Top 15 Male Finishers:

1st  William Hoover (12th) 17:59 Roeper
2nd  Mathew Gunn (11th) 18:27 Lutheran NW
3rd  Max Drummelsmith (12th) 18:37 Lutheran NW
4th  Spencer Mistele (11th) 18:46 Plymouth Christian
5th  Cole Rinna (11th) 18:47 Whitmore Lake
6th  Ethan McFarland (11th) 18:49 Oakland Christian
7th  Van Saroukhanian (9th) 18:56 Roeper
8th  Tyler Kowalski (11th) 19:00 Southfield Christian
9th  Braylan Majesky (10th) 19:01 Whitmore Lake
10th Ryan Alexander (11th)19:04 Plymouth Christian
11th Carson Lucas (12th)19:16 Charyl Stockwell
12th Dennis Wilson (10th)19:22 Novi Christian
13th Brendan Pehlke (12th)19:24 Lutheran NW
14th Raymond Rogers (10th) 19:26 Charyl Stockwell
15th TJ Donnan (9th) 19:26 Southfield Christian

Top 15 Female Finishers:

1st  Erika Van Loton (10th) 19:46 Huron Valley
2nd Emily Cameron (12th) 21:03 Plymouth Christian
3rd Abby Rice (9th) 21:30 Lutheran NW
4th Natalie Malczyk (10th) 21:32 Huron Valley
5th Brooke Craven (10th) 21:55 Whitmore Lake
6th Michaela Kurth (10th) 21:55 Lutheran Westland
7th Nicole Reinhart (12th) 21:59 Plymouth Christian
8th MacKenzie Lemke (10th) 22:01 Lutheran NW
9th  Katie Rogers (12th) 22:02 Charyl Stockwell
10th Sarah Reinhart (10th) 22:02 Plymouth Christian
11th Naomi Foley (11th) 22:44 Huron Valley
12th Kendall Zaliwski (9th) 22:46 Lutheran NW
13th Natalie Meadows (9th) 22:50 Whitmore Lake
14th Alexis Donnan (11th) 22:50 Southfield Christian
15th Olivia Macavage (12th) 23:04 Lutheran NW

Boys Championship Meet: School Score
1 Lutheran NW 62
2 Charyl Stockwell 79
3 Whitmore Lake 83
4 Roeper 127
5 Plymouth Christian 135
6 Oakland Christian 142
7 Lutheran Westland 152
8 Southfield Christian 163
9 Novi Christian 204
Boys Final Standings: School
1 Lutheran NW
2 Whitmore Lake
3 Charyl Stockwell
4 Plymouth Christian
5 Roeper
6 Oakland Christian
7 Lutheran Westland
8 Southfield Christian
9 Novi Christian


Girls Championship Meet: School Score
1 Lutheran NW 39
2 Plymouth Christian 54
3 Whitmore Lake 96
4 Southfield Christian 97
5 Lutheran Westland 97
6 Oakland Christian 126
Girls Final Standings: School
1 Lutheran NW
2 Plymouth Christian
3 Whitmore Lake
4 Southfield Christian
5 Lutheran Westland
6 Oakland Christian
7 Charyl Stockwell