2021 M.I.A.C. Softball All-Conference Team

2021 M.I.A.C. Blue Softball Most Valuable Player: Ruthie Reithmeier – Lutheran NW

2021 M.I.A.C. Blue Softball Coach of the Year: Eric Ruth – Huron Valley Lutheran

2021 M.I.A.C. Blue Softball All-Conference 1st Team:

Madison Handyside Inter City 11
Jenna Goering Inter City 12
Rosa Miller Inter City 12
Stephanie McClendon Whitmore Lake 12
Lindsay Francis Whitmore Lake 11
Delaney Peters Whitmore Lake 12
Ruthie Riethmeier Lutheran Northwest 12
Anastasia Filip Lutheran Northwest 12
Emily Shaw Lutheran Northwest 12
Erika Van Loton Huron Valley 10
Annika Van Loton Huron Valley 12
Kate Eldredge Plymouth Christian 10

2021 M.I.A.C. Blue Softball All-Conference 2nd Team:

Sarah Sand Inter City 10
Claire Harrison Inter City 10
Lauren Elwart Inter City 10
Lilly Yax Whitmore Lake 9
Reghan McClendon Whitmore Lake 10
Maggie Johnstone Lutheran Northwest 11
Kamryn Kasak Lutheran Northwest 9
Maddie Wellday Huron Valley 12
Matty Hanselman Huron Valley 10
Abby KcKarge Plymouth Christian 10

2021 M.I.A.C. Red Softball Most Valuable Player: Micah Tison – Oakland Christian

2021 M.I.A.C. Red Softball Coach of the Year: Mike Tison – Oakland Christian

2021 M.I.A.C. Red Softball All-Conference 1st Team:

Micah Tison Oakland 11
Abby Franey Oakland 9
Lydia Tison Oakland 10
Annika Mattson Westland 12
Chloe Chote Westland 9
Annie Schaffer Westland 11
Sierra Dorst Clarencville 9
Anissia Dorst Clarencville 11
Brooke Watts Clarencville 11
Caroline Schlaf Parkway 11
Olivia Shankin Parkway 12

2021 M.I.A.C. Red Softball All-Conference 2nd Team:

Riley Sparre Oakland 11
Caroline Beggs Oakland 9
Allison Brzezinski Oakland 12
Katie Kingery Westland 10
Abigail Lupescu Westland 12
Allison Klonowski Clarencville 12
Cordelia Fike Clarencville 10
Carlee Morgan Parkway 10
Abby Ouellette Parkway 12

2021 M.I.A.C. Blue Softball Final Standings:

1 Inter-City 6-2
T-2 Whitmore Lake 5-3
T-2 Luth Northwest 5-3
4 Huron Valley 4-4
5 Plymouth Christian 0-8

2021 M.I.A.C. Red Softball Final Standings:

1 Oakland Christian 8-0
T-2 Lutheran Westland 3-3
T-2 Clarenceville 3-3
4 Parkway 2-6
5 Novi 0-4
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MIAC Senior Athlete Spotlight – Softball

Novi Christian

Congratulations to our Senior Varsity Softball Players, (left to right):
Julianna Dubuc, Katie McCormick, Molly Jebson

Congratulations to the entire NCA Softball team who received the MHSSCA Academic All-State Team 2020 Award, and to Katie McCormick who received the MHSSCA Academic All-State Individual 2020 Award.

Julianna “JuJu” Dubuc, who previously played first base, was promoted to catcher this year and would have done a great job. Besides her great catching abilities, she had the needed vocal chords and leadership qualities! Julianna played softball throughout high school and her coaches enjoyed her desire to improve and teachable spirit. She has a joy for life that is contagious to those around her. Julianna graduates with Honors and plans to attend Schoolcraft College, majoring in culinary arts and minoring in communications.

Katie McCormick played varsity softball and volleyball during her four years of high school. This year, she placed 2nd in the lineup to bat and would have been the third baseman. Katie, a multi-sport athlete, figure skated during the winter season. Katie was a joy to her coaches and has a quiet and gentle spirit. Katie was a member of the NHS and is graduating with High Honors. She plans to study engineering at Hope College.

Molly Jebson played on the varsity team in her freshman year and was making a comeback for her senior year. Molly, a natural and multi-sport athlete, would have been a star player for the softball team as short-stop. Her coaches enjoyed her coachable spirit and desire to improve. Molly also excelled in her positions on the varsity volleyball and basketball teams and was captain of both. Molly graduates with Honors and plans to attend Southwestern AOG University, majoring in hospitality & event planning, and minoring in psychology.

Oakland Christian

Left to Right, Row 1: Olivia Williams, Jackie Hagar, Nicole Vaught
Row 2:
Emily Jin, Autumn Maley

The Oakland Christian softball senior class is comprised of 4 players that would be returning with 3 years experience (Hagar, Maley, Vaught, Williams) and 1 international student that would be playing for the 1st time (Jin). This group of seniors was approaching this season with a world of experience and leadership abilities. They were a close group that was willing to sacrifice their personal desires for the good of the team. Autumn Maley was a utility player that played every spot in the outfield wherever needed in that moment. Jackie Hagar loved the outfield but did her best as the team’s first baseman when called upon, and Nicole Vaught took on the role of starting pitcher even though it wasn’t her natural position because the team was in need due to previous graduations. A supporter among leaders was Olivia Williams with her never ending support and leadership on the team. Always positive when her team needed it the most to help them move forward. One disappointment in this cancellation is that Emily Jin was unable to experience playing for a team she was learning to love as she enjoyed all the friendships she was creating as a member of the team building and workout experiences.

Oakland Christian is extremely proud of these players for what they have developed into as players and people over their years of participation in the softball program.

Plymouth Christian

The senior class members of the Plymouth Christian Academy Eagles softball team have had a tremendous career! When joining the team as freshman, the team was going through a drought of having only won one game the previous two years.  In 2017, due in large part to the contribution of these athletes, the team went 9-9.  By 2019, they were 11-6 and went on to win the MIAC Red Division Conference Championship and District Championships! The Plymouth Christian Academy Varsity Softball team was chomping at the bit to get this season started competing in the Blue Division this year and with goals of competing for a District and Regional trophy!
Thank you Ella GodinIsabel MosselGloria Ravuri, Lydia Sikes, and Eva Warmbier for the wonderful contributions you made to rebuilding the team and the positive impact you had through your hard work, leadership, and athletic fortitude.  May you continue to always play with joy…For Him!”
#7 Isabel Mossel: 
2019 Red Division MVP
2019 All-District and All-Region
.647% Batting Avg.
3.706 ERA
#13 Ella Godin:
.587 Batting Average
#9 Lydia Sikes: 
.432 Batting Average

Eva Warmbier: 
.417 Batting Average
#1 Gloria Ravuri: 
.333 Batting Average

Southfield Christian

Karington Cox

Karington was a 4 year varsity player for the softball team starting at 2nd Base the past 2 seasons and batting leading off.  During her junior season she batted .424 with an On Base Percentage of .672.  Karington led the team in runs scored with 29 helping the Eagles capture a share of the 2019 MIAC Softball Red Title.  She also earned MIAC 2nd Team All-Conference honors as well as being named MHSSCA All District and All Regional.

Huron Valley Lutheran

The Huron Valley Lutheran Hawks softball team had their goals set high and were ready to complete in the 2020 season.  With the experience of 6 seniors, the Hawks could not wait to take the field.

We thank seniors Autumn Cramb, Maddie Crenshaw, Hannah Foley, Dana LeFevre, Emily Haines, and Chloe Wellday for their contributions to Hawks Softball as well as their leadership both on and off the field.

Whitmore Lake

Alaina DiDio
Ali has been a leader on the field. She was voted team captain. Her knowledge of the game of softball is outstanding. She is an overall great athlete as well and a well-rounded student. She is involved in many aspects of our school and plans to carry that forward to the next level as she plans to continue to play softball next year.

Lutheran Northwest 

Kaitlyn Meyer

Kaitlyn’s parents are Elizabeth & Jeff Meyer. They are members of Calvary Lutheran Church in Clarkston.

During her time at Lutheran Northwest, Kaitlyn participated in volleyball for one year, golf for two years, cheer & dance for one year, and softball for three years. This spring would have been her fourth year of softball. LHNW softball coach Jeff Ludwig shared, “She is a great teammate and very coachable! She is always willing to put in the extra time to master her craft. She has been a joy to coach!”

Next fall, Kaitlyn plans to attend Oakland Community College to study veterinary medicine.


Austyn Spach
Austyn is a four year varsity softball player for Parkway.  She is also Parkway’s only four year three sport athlete in her class competing in volleyball, competitive cheer and softball.  As a sophomore and junior she earned 2nd team All MIAC honors as catcher.  Her junior year she also received All District.  As a senior Austyn received Academic All State.
Becca Shea

Becca is a four year varsity softball player.  Spending the last few years on the mound.  Becca has also played four years of basketball.  Becca has earned All District three years, 2nd Team MIAC (sophomore), and 1st Team MIAC (junior).  As a senior Becca received Academic All State.

Bella Day
This was going to be Bella’s inaugural softball season.  She has been a member of the varsity volleyball team for four years.
Jena Dickison
Jena has been a member of the varsity softball team for four years.  She has shown remarkable improvement in her skills every season, earning a starting position at second base as a junior. As a senior she received Academic All State.
Keagan Semlow
Keagan was new to the softball team this year.
Keagan transferred to Parkway her junior year and was the goalie for the soccer team.  As a senior she received Academic All State.
Lexi Bello
Lexi transferred to Parkway her sophomore year and has been a member of the softball team for three years.  She was new to softball and worked hard to become a starter her junior year.
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2019 M.I.A.C. All Conference Softball Team

2019 M.I.A.C. Softball Blue Division MVP: Brooke Myles – Inter-City Baptist

2019 M.IA.C. Softball Blue Division Coach of the Year: Brad Myles – Inter-City Baptist

2019 M.I.A.C. Softball Blue Division All Conference 1st Team:

Brooke Myles Inter-City 12
Rosa Miller Inter-City 10
Jenna Goering Inter-City 10
Annaika Van Loten Huron Valley 10
Emily Haines Huron Valley 11
Dana LeFevere Huron Valley 11
Ruthie Riethmeier Lutheran NW 10
Danielle Wilusz Lutheran NW 12
Nathalie Ferry Parkway Christian 12
Rebecca Shea Parkway Christian 11
Micah Tison Oakland Christian 9

2019 M.I.A.C. Softball Blue Division All Conference 2nd Team:

Madison Peterson Inter-City 12
Kelly Rusinowski Inter-City 11
Madison Handyside Inter-City 9
Sophie Doehrer Huron Valley 12
Mackensi Wilson Lutheran NW 12
Maggie Johnstone Lutheran NW 9
Austyn Spach Parkway Christian 11
Olivia Joye Parkway Christian 10
Olivia Hagar Oakland Christian 9

2019 M.I.A.C. Softball Red Division MVP: Isabel Mossel – Plymouth Christian

2019 M.IA.C. Softball Red Division Coach of the Year: Paul Guse – Lutheran Westland

2019 M.I.A.C. Softball Red Division All Conference 1st Team:

Megan Bell Plymouth Christian 11
Tatyana Carnes Plymouth Christian 10
Isabel Mossel Plymouth Christian 11
Morgan Bettie Southfield Christian 10
Jenna Schoon Southfield Christian 10
Kamille Smith Southfield Christian 10
Olivia Chote Lutheran Westland 12
Maddie Andrews Lutheran Westland 11
Hannah Bourdeau Lutheran Westland 12
Allison Broadright Novi Christian 12
Haley Michals Novi Christian 12

2019 M.I.A.C. Softball Red Division All Conference 2nd Team:

Ella Godin Plymouth Christian 11
Morgan Vallieres Plymouth Christian 12
Lydia Sikes Plymouth Christian 11
Karrington Cox Southfield Christian 11
Christiana Moore Southfield Christian 11
K.C. Card Southfield Christian 10
Sarah Zaske Lutheran Westland 11
Brianna Sowa Lutheran Westland 11
Anna Schaffer Lutheran Westland 9
Katie Mc Cormick Jr. Novi Christian 11
Julianna Dubuc Novi Christian 11

2019 M.I.A.C. Softball Blue Division Final Standings

1 Inter-City Baptist 7-1
2 Huron Valley Lutheran 6-2
3 Lutheran Northwest 5-3
4 Parkway Christian 2-6
5 Oakland Christian 0-8

2019 M.I.A.C. Softball Red Division Final Standings

T1 Plymouth Christain 6-2
T1 Southfield Christian 6-2
T1 Lutheran Westland 6-2
4 Novi Christian 2-6
5 Macomb Christian 0-8


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2020 M.I.A.C. Spring Sport Division Alignments

The 2020 M.I.A.C. spring sport division alignments were set this past week at the June Athletic Director Meeting.  The divisions reflect the additions of Clarenceville and Whitmore Lake to the conference.  Schools with an (*) reflect teams that are new to the division or moved into that division from the other division.  Also, soccer was split into to divisions for next year from the current single division of the past 2 years.

2020 M.I.A.C. Blue Boys Baseball Division

  • Clarenceville *
  • Lutheran NW
  • Lutheran Westland
  • Oakland Christian
  • Parkway Christian
  • Plymouth Christian

2020 M.I.A.C. Red Boys Baseball Division

  • Charyl Stockwell
  • Huron Valley Lutheran
  • Inter City Baptist
  • Roeper
  • Southfield Christian
  • Whitmore Lake *

2020 M.I.A.C. Blue Girls Soccer Division

  • Clarenceville
  • Inter City Baptist
  • Lutheran NW
  • Parkway Christian
  • Plymouth Christian

2020 M.I.A.C. Red Girls Soccer Division

  • Charyl Stockwell
  • Lutheran Westland
  • Oakland Christian
  • Roeper
  • Southfield Christian

2020 M.I.A.C. Blue Girls Softball Division

  • Huron Valley Lutheran
  • Inter City Baptist
  • Lutheran NW
  • Plymouth Christian *
  • Whitmore Lake *

2020 M.I.A.C. Red Girls Softball Division

  • Clarenceville *
  • Novi Christian
  • Lutheran Westland
  • Oakland Christian *
  • Parkway Christian *
  • Southfield Christian


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