Boys Cross Country

2020 M.I.A.C. Cross Country All Conference Team

2020 M.I.A.C. Boys Cross Country MVP: William Hoover – Roeper

2020 M.I.A.C. Boys Cross Country Coach of the Year: Karl Weber – Lutheran NW

2020 M.I.A.C. Boys Cross Country All Conference 1st Team:

Name School Grade
William Hoover Roeper 12
Matthew Gunn Lutheran Northwest 11
Max Drummelsmith Lutheran Northwest 12
Spencer Mistele Plymouth Christian 11
Cole Rinna Whitmore Lake 11
Ethan McFarland Oakland Christian 11
Van Saroukhanian Roeper 9

2020 M.I.A.C. Boys Cross Country All Conference 2nd Team:

Name School Grade
Ryan Alexander Plymouth Christian 11
Tyler Kowalski Southfield Christian 11
Braylan Majesky Whitmore Lake 10
Carson Lucas Charyl Stockwell 12
Dennis Wilson Novi Christian 10
Jeffery McGuire Lutheran Westland 9
Austin West Lutheran Northwest 12

2020 M.I.A.C. Girls Cross Country MVP: Erika Van Loton – Huron Valley Lutheran

2020 M.I.A.C. Girls Cross Country Coach of the Year: Olivia Rice – Lutheran NW

2020 M.I.A.C. Girls Cross Country All Conference 1st Team:

Name School Grade
Erika Van Loton Huron Valley 10
Emily Cameron Plymouth Christian 12
Abby Rice Lutheran Northwest 9
Natalie Malczyk Huron Valley 10
Brook Craven Whitmore Lake 10
Michaela Kurth Lutheran Westland 10
Nicole Reinhart Plymouth Christian 12

2020 M.I.A.C. Girls Cross Country All Conference 2nd Team:

Name School Grade
MacKenzie Lemke Lutheran Northwest 10
Katie Rogers Charyl Stockwell 12
Madeline Barge Lutheran Northwest 10
Natalie Meadows Whitmore Lake 9
Sarah Reinhart Plymouth Christian 12
Kendall Zaliwski Lutheran Northwest 9
Naomi Foley Huron Valley 11

2020 M.I.A.C. Boys Cross Country Final Standings

1st Lutheran Northwest
2nd Whitmore Lake
3rd Charyl Stockwell
4th Plymouth Christian
5th Roeper
6th Oakland Christian
7th Lutheran Westland
8th Southfield Christian
9th Novi Christian

2020 M.I.A.C. Girls Cross Country Final Standings

1st Lutheran Northwest
2nd Plymouth Christian
3rd Whitmore Lake
4th Southfield Christian
5th Lutheran Westland
6th Oakland Christian
7th Charyl Stockwell
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Lutheran NW Sweeps Cross Country Titles

Tuesday, October 20 – The 2020 M.I.A.C. Cross Country Championship held at Oakland Christian saw Lutheran NW claim their 1st Conference Championship in both boys and girls cross country titles in school history.  In the boys race Lutheran NW had a huge day come from behind to edge out Whitmore Lake for the title after Whitmore Lake had won the previous two jamborees.  On the girls side Lutheran NW dominated the season winning all three conference meets decisively.  Individually Roeper’s William Hoover and Huron Valley’s Erika Van Loton both captured their 2nd straight M.I.A.C. individual title earning each of them back-to-back M.I.A.C. Conference MVP honors.

Top 15 Male Finishers:

1st  William Hoover (12th) 17:59 Roeper
2nd  Mathew Gunn (11th) 18:27 Lutheran NW
3rd  Max Drummelsmith (12th) 18:37 Lutheran NW
4th  Spencer Mistele (11th) 18:46 Plymouth Christian
5th  Cole Rinna (11th) 18:47 Whitmore Lake
6th  Ethan McFarland (11th) 18:49 Oakland Christian
7th  Van Saroukhanian (9th) 18:56 Roeper
8th  Tyler Kowalski (11th) 19:00 Southfield Christian
9th  Braylan Majesky (10th) 19:01 Whitmore Lake
10th Ryan Alexander (11th)19:04 Plymouth Christian
11th Carson Lucas (12th)19:16 Charyl Stockwell
12th Dennis Wilson (10th)19:22 Novi Christian
13th Brendan Pehlke (12th)19:24 Lutheran NW
14th Raymond Rogers (10th) 19:26 Charyl Stockwell
15th TJ Donnan (9th) 19:26 Southfield Christian

Top 15 Female Finishers:

1st  Erika Van Loton (10th) 19:46 Huron Valley
2nd Emily Cameron (12th) 21:03 Plymouth Christian
3rd Abby Rice (9th) 21:30 Lutheran NW
4th Natalie Malczyk (10th) 21:32 Huron Valley
5th Brooke Craven (10th) 21:55 Whitmore Lake
6th Michaela Kurth (10th) 21:55 Lutheran Westland
7th Nicole Reinhart (12th) 21:59 Plymouth Christian
8th MacKenzie Lemke (10th) 22:01 Lutheran NW
9th  Katie Rogers (12th) 22:02 Charyl Stockwell
10th Sarah Reinhart (10th) 22:02 Plymouth Christian
11th Naomi Foley (11th) 22:44 Huron Valley
12th Kendall Zaliwski (9th) 22:46 Lutheran NW
13th Natalie Meadows (9th) 22:50 Whitmore Lake
14th Alexis Donnan (11th) 22:50 Southfield Christian
15th Olivia Macavage (12th) 23:04 Lutheran NW

Boys Championship Meet: School Score
1 Lutheran NW 62
2 Charyl Stockwell 79
3 Whitmore Lake 83
4 Roeper 127
5 Plymouth Christian 135
6 Oakland Christian 142
7 Lutheran Westland 152
8 Southfield Christian 163
9 Novi Christian 204
Boys Final Standings: School
1 Lutheran NW
2 Whitmore Lake
3 Charyl Stockwell
4 Plymouth Christian
5 Roeper
6 Oakland Christian
7 Lutheran Westland
8 Southfield Christian
9 Novi Christian


Girls Championship Meet: School Score
1 Lutheran NW 39
2 Plymouth Christian 54
3 Whitmore Lake 96
4 Southfield Christian 97
5 Lutheran Westland 97
6 Oakland Christian 126
Girls Final Standings: School
1 Lutheran NW
2 Plymouth Christian
3 Whitmore Lake
4 Southfield Christian
5 Lutheran Westland
6 Oakland Christian
7 Charyl Stockwell
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MIAC Jamboree #2 Results

October 6, 2020

The M.I.A.C. conference’s 2nd cross country jamboree of the season was run on Tuesday.  For the boys Whitmore Lake won their 2nd straight jamboree while Lutheran NW did the same thing on the girls side.  Roeper’s William Hoover won the boys race finishing in 17:55 after finishing 2nd in the 1st Jamboree.  Matthew Gunn from Lutheran NW moved up to 2nd after an earlier 3rd place finish and Plymouth Christian’s Spencer Mistele who won the 1st jamboree placed 3rd.  For the girls race the top 3 finishers remained the same as the 1st jamboree with Huron Valley’s Erika Van Loton finishing 1st in 20:24 followed by Plymouth Christian’s Emily Cameron and Lutheran NW’s Abby Rice.  The M.I.A.C. cross country championship will be held on Tuesday, October 20 at Oakland Christian.

Boys Team Final Standings:

1. Whitmore Lake 62
2. Rochester Hills Lutheran NW 66
3. Charyl Stockwell Academy 91
4. Plymouth Christian Academy 97
5. Birmingham Roeper 113
6. Southfield Christian 135
7. Auburn Hills Oakland Christian 147
8. Novi Christian Academy 207

Girls Team Final Standings:

1. Rochester Hills Lutheran NW 30
2. Plymouth Christian Academy 64
3. Southfield Christian 87
4. Whitmore Lake 94
5. Charyl Stockwell Academy 103
6. Auburn Hills Oakland Christian 129

Boys Individual Top 15 Finishers

1. 12 William Hoover 17:55.0 Birmingham Roeper
2. 11 Mathew Gunn 18:16.4 Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
3. 11 Spencer Mistele 18:18.8 Plymouth Christian Academy
4. 12 Max Drummelsmith 18:29.1 Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
5. 11 Cole Rinna 19:00.2 Whitmore Lake
6. 11 Ethan McFarland 19:03.2 Auburn Hills Oakland Christian
7. 12 Austin West 19:07.3 Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
8. 11 Tyler Kowalski 19:09.3 Southfield Christian
9. 9 TJ Donnan 19:10.3 Southfield Christian
10. 9 Van Saroukhanian 19:14.2 Birmingham Roeper
11. 10 Braylan Majesky 19:20.7 Whitmore Lake
12. 11 Joe Braun 19:28.7 Charyl Stockwell Academy
13. 11 Ryan Alexander 19:31.4 Plymouth Christian Academy
14. 10 Aiden Bare 19:33.0 Whitmore Lake
15. 11 Jacob Goodrich 19:33.4 Whitmore Lake

Girls Individual Top 15 Finishers

1. 10 Erika Van Loton 20:24.9 Huron Valley Lutheran
2. 12 Emily Cameron 20:55.4 Plymouth Christian Academy
3. 9 Abby Rice 21:43.6 Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
4. 10 Madeleine Barge 22:01.1 Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
5. 10 MacKenzie Lemke 22:05.9 Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
6. 10 Brooke Craven 22:14.9 Whitmore Lake
7. 12 Katie Rogers 22:24.4 Charyl Stockwell Academy
8. 9 Natalie Meadows 22:26.3 Whitmore Lake
9. 10 Natalie Malczyk 22:39.6 Huron Valley Lutheran
10. 12 Nicole Reinhart 22:46.9 Plymouth Christian Academy
11. 9 Kendall Zaliwski 22:54.4 Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
12. 12 Sarah Reinhart 23:07.5 Plymouth Christian Academy
13. 9 Karis Keith 23:31.1 Auburn Hills Oakland Christian
14. 12 Olivia MacCavage 23:40.3 Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
15. 12 Maddie Kragt 23:57.4 Southfield Christian

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Cross Country Compete in 1st M.I.A.C. Jamboree

September 22, 2020, The M.I.A.C. held it’s first cross country jamboree of the season at Oakland Christian, Tuesday.  The boys race featured a close race with Plymouth Christian’s Spencer Misele edging out Roeper’s William Hoover for 1st place.  The 2019 defending conference champions Whitmore Lake Boys took first in the meet.  In the girls race 2019 conference MVP Erika Van Loton took 1st place while the team from Lutheran NW won with a commanding lead.  Below are the team and top 15 individual results from the Jamboree.

Boys Final Team Results

  1. 68 Whitmore Lake
  2. 80 Plymouth Christian
  3. 80 Lutheran NW
  4. 82 Lutheran Westland
  5. 94 Charyl Stockwell
  6. 137 Roeper
  7. 179 Oakland Christian
  8. 190 Novi Christian

Girls Final Team Results

  1. 37 Lutheran NW
  2. 72 Plymouth Christian
  3. 87 Whitmore Lake
  4. 88 Lutheran Westland
  5. 94 Charyl Stockwell
  6. 121 Oakland Christian
Boys Top 15 Runners
1. Spencer Mistele (11th), Plymouth Christian, 18:33
2. William Hoover (12th), Roeper, 18:35
3. Mathew Gunn (11th), Lutheran NW, 18:53
4. Max Drummelsmith (12th), Lutheran NW, 18:56
5. Jeffrey McGuire (9th), Lutheran Westland, 19:09
6. Ethan McFarland (11th), Oakland Christian, 19:19
7. Ryan Alexander (11th), Plymouth Christian, 19:29
8. Cole Rinna (11th), Whitmore Lake, 19:36
9. Carson Lucas (12th) Charyl Stockwell, 19:43
10. Dennis Wilson (10th) Novi Christian, 19:53
11. Heston Fanson (11th), Whitmore Lake, 19:55
12. Braylan Majesky (10th), Whitmore Lake, 19:57
13. Ryan Bane (11th), Lutheran Westland, 19:57
14. Austin West (12th), Lutheran NW, 20:01
15. Vincenzo Lewan (10th), Plymouth Christian, 20:12
Girls Top 15 Runners
1. Erika Van Loton (10th), Huron Valley Lutheran, 21:12
2. Emily Cameron (12th), Plymouth Christian, 21:48
3. Abby Rice (9th), Lutheran NW, 22:01
4. Madeline Barge (10th), Lutheran NW, 22:12
5. Brooke Craven (10th), Whitmore Lake, 22:28
6. Natalie Malczyk (10th) Huron Valley Lutheran, 22:41
7. Nicole Reinhart (12th), Plymouth Christian, 23:04
8. Michaela Kurth (10th), Lutheran Westland, 23:17
9. Katie Rogers (12th), Charyl Stockwell, 23:26
10. Natalie Meadows (9th), Whitmore Lake, 23:33
11. MacKenzie Lemke (10th), Lutheran NW, 23:41
12. Sarah Reinhart (12th), Plymouth Christian, 23:56
13. Kendall Zaliwski (9th), Lutheran NW, 24:00
14. Olivia MacCavage (12th), Lutheran NW, 24:27
15. Karis Keith (9th), Oakland Christian, 24:42
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M.I.A.C. Cross Country Championship and All Conference Team

Friday, October 18, 2019 The M.I.A.C. Cross Country Championship occurred at Nankin Hills host by Lutheran Westland.  Plymouth Christian captured the girls championship followed by Lutheran Westland and Whitmore Lake.  Erika Van Loton earned conference MVP honors winning the individual title in 20:01.  Van Loton had won the previous 2 jamborees.  Emily Cameron from Plymouth Christian finished 2nd in 20:33 followed by her teammate Nicole Reinhart in 21:20.  In the boys championship Whitmore Lake won their 1st M.I.A.C. title as a new member to the conference this year.  Lutheran Northwest was 2nd while Lutheran Westland was 3rd.  William Hoover of Roeper won conference MVP honors while capturing the individual title in 17:19.  Eric Moore from Plymouth Christian was 2nd in 17:31 followed by Clay Rinna in 17:53.  For more results visit  Below are the 2019 M.I.A.C. All Conference teams.

2019 Girls M.I.A.C. 1st Team All Conference

Erika Van Loton-Huron Valley Lutheran
Emily Cameron-Plymouth Christian
Nicole Reinhart-Plymouth Christian
Michaela Kurth-Lutheran Westland
Paula Farmer-Lutheran Westland
Natalie Malczk-Huron Valley Lutheran
Brooke Craven-Whitmore Lake

2019 Girls M.I.A.C. 2nd Team All Conference

Lauren Price-Whitmore Lake
Alexis Donnan-Southfield Christian
Katie Rogers-Charyl Stockwell
Emma Burrell-Lutheran Northwest
Grace Ponto-Lutheran Westland
Sarah Reinhart-Plymouth Christian
Reagan Lentz-Plymouth Christian

2019 Boys M.I.A.C. 1st Team All Conference

William Hoover-Roeper
Eric Moore-Plymouth Christian
Clay Rinna-Whitmore Lake
Mathew Gunn-Lutheran Northwest
Tyler Kowalski-Southfield Christian
Timothy Dupree-Oakland Christian
Geoffrey Wallace-Novi Christian

2019 Boys M.I.A.C. 2nd Team All Conference

Maguire Smith-Roeper
Cole Rinna-Whitmore Lake
Braylan Majesky-Whitmore Lake
Max Drummelsmith-Lutheran NW
Bailey Adams-Whitmore Lake
Treavor Capoferi-Lutheran NW
Spencer Mistele-Plymouth Christian

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Cross Country Runs 2nd M.I.A.C. Jamboree

October 8, 2019 at Oakland Christian.  The M.I.A.C. held it’s 2nd Cross Country Jamboree of the year in preparation for the conference championship to be held on Friday, October 18 at Nankin Mills Park by Lutheran Westland at 4 PM.  For the boys Whitmore Lake once again was 1st followed by Lutheran NW.  Plymouth Christian moved up into 3rd at the 2nd jamboree.  Clay Rinna from Whitmore Lake finished 1st in 17:54 edging out William Hoover from Roeper and Eric Moore of Plymouth Christian.  Moore won the 1st jamboree and all 3 boys were top 3 at the 1st jamboree setting up for a great individual championship next week.

On the girls side Plymouth Christian once again took first followed by Lutheran Westland and Whitmore Lake.  Erika Van Loton from Huron Valley Lutheran once again finished 1st running away from the competition in 20:36.  Emily Cameron from Plymouth Christian was again 2nd while Brooke Craven from Whitmore Lake moved up to finish 3rd. Final results found at

Boys Jamboree Results:

1st Whitmore Lake – 37
2nd Lutheran NW – 65
3rd Plymouth Christian – 90
4th Lutheran Westland – 116
5th Oakland Christiain – 123
6th Charyl Stockwell – 129
7th Novi Christian – 149

Girls Jamboree Results:

1st Plymouth Christian – 35
2nd Lutheran Westland – 58
3rd Whitmore Lake – 63
4th Lutheran Northwest – 80
5th Charyl Stockwell – 109

Boys Top 15 Finishers

1. Clay Rinna (WL) 17:54
2. William Hoover (RO) 17:57
3. Eric Moore (PCA) 18:05
4. Timothy Dupree (OCS) 18:42
5. Braylan Majesky (WL) 18:45
6. Maguire Smith (RO) 18:58
7. Geoffrey Wallace (NCA) 19:01
8. Treavor Capoferi (LNW) 19:02
9. Mathew Gunn (LNW) 19:03
10. Max Drummelsmith (LNW) 19:04
11. Bailey Adams (WL) 19:09
12. Cole Rinna (WL) 19:13
13. Spencer Mistele (PCA) 19:16
14. Tyler Kowalski (SCS) 19:25
15. Tre Hill (CSPA) 19:37

Girls Top 15 Finishers

1. Erika Van Loton (HVL) 20:36
2. Emily Cameron (PCA) 21:25
3. Brooke Craven (WL) 21:38
4. Nicole Reinhart (PCA) 21:58
5. Katie Rogers (CSPA) 22:42
6. Lauren Price (WL) 22:48
7. Michaela Kurth (LW) 22:56
8. Paula Farmer (LW) 22:59
9. Alexis Donnan (SCS) 23:21
10. Sarah Reinhart (PCA) 23:50
11. Natalie Malczyk (HVL) 23:53
12. Emma Burrell (LNW) 24:05
13. Grace Ponto (LW) 24:10
14. Reagan Lentz (PCA) 24:12
15. Kelli Groen (PCA) 24:27

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Whitmore Lake and Plymouth Christian Take 1st Cross Country Jamboree

September 24, 2019, The first M.I.A.C. Jamboree of the year was held at Whitmore Lake High School with 132 runners representing the conference schools.  Erika Van Loton from Huron Valley Lutheran won the girls race in 20:37 while Plymouth Christian was the first place team.  For the boys Eric Moore from Plymouth Christian was the top runner finishing in 17:45 and Whitmore Lake won the boys race.  Below are the results for the first jamboree.  For complete results visit

Boys Team Results

  1. Whitmore Lake – 49
  2. Lutheran NW – 74
  3. Oakland Christian – 109
  4. Lutheran Westland – 116
  5. Plymouth Christian – 123
  6. Roeper – 148
  7. Charyl Stockwell – 152
  8. Novi Christian – 163

Girls Team Results

  1. Plymouth Christian – 38
  2. Lutheran Westland – 53
  3. Whitmore Lake – 67
  4. Lutheran NW – 77
  5. Charyl Stockwell – 115


Boys Top 15 Individual Results

  1. Eric Moore (Sr.) 17:45 – Plymouth Christian
  2. Clay Rinna (Sr.) 18:04 – Whitmore Lake
  3. William Hoover (Jr.) 18:14 – Roeper
  4. Timothy Dupree (Sr.) 18:26 – Oakland Christian
  5. Geoffrey Wallace (Sr.) 18:28 – Novi Christian
  6. Mathew Gunn (So.) 18:44 – Lutheran NW
  7. Luke Messing (Sr.) 18:51 – Oakland Christian
  8. Spencer Mistele (So.) 18:57 – Plymouth Christian
  9. Cole Rinna (So.) 19:04 – Whitmore Lake
  10. Bailey Adams (Sr.) 19:08 – Whitmore Lake
  11. Treavor Capoferi (So.) 19:12 – Lutheran NW
  12. Max Drummelsmith (Jr.) 19:13 – Lutheran NW
  13. Braylan Majesky (Fr.) 19:25 – Whitmore Lake
  14. Maguire Smith (Jr.) 19:26 – Roeper
  15. Tyler Kowalski (So.) 19:37 – Southfield Christian

Girls Top 15 Individual Results

  1. Erika Van Loton (Fr.) 20:37 – Huron Valley Lutheran
  2. Emily Cameron (Jr.) 21:49 – Plymouth Christian
  3. Nicole Reinhart (Jr.) 22:00 – Plymouth Christian
  4. Brooke Craven (Fr.) 22:08 – Whitmore Lake
  5. Michaela Kurth (Fr.) 22:32 – Lutheran Westland
  6. Paula Farmer (Jr.) 22:43 – Lutheran Westland
  7. Natalie Malczyk (Fr.) 22:48 – Huron Valley Lutheran
  8. Lauren Price (So.) 23:07 – Whitmore Lake
  9. Katie Rogers (Jr.) 23:11 – Charyl Stockwell
  10. Alexis Donnan (So.) 23:32 – Southfield Christian
  11. Maggie Lustig (Jr.) 23:38 – Whitmore Lake
  12. Emma Burrell (Fr.) 23:50 – Lutheran NW
  13. Sarah Reinhart (Jr.) 24:14 – Plymouth Christian
  14. Kelli Groen (So.) 24:16 – Plymouth Christian
  15. Olivia MacCavage (Jr.) 24:22 – Lutheran NW
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Plymouth Christian Sweeps Both MIAC Cross Country Titles

Plymouth Christian won both the girls and boys cross country titles this year with both teams winning the championship meet along with both jamborees.  Luke Pohl and Emily Cameron both from Plymouth Christian earned conference MVP honors.  Each took 1st place at the championship, held at Spencer Park in Rochester Hills, with Pohl finishing in 15:37 and  Cameron finishing in 19:53.  Championship meet results can be found at  Below are this year’s final standings and all conference teams.


Boys Cross Country Final Standings
1 Plymouth Christian
2 Lutheran NW
3 Lutheran Westland
4 Charyl Stockwell
5 Oakland Christian
6 (TIE) Southfield Christain
6 (TIE) Roeper


Girls Cross Country Final Standings
1 Plymouth Christian
2 Southfield Christian
3 Charyl Stockwell
4 Lutheran Westland
5 Lutheran NW


Boys Cross Country ALL MIAC – FIRST TEAM
1 Luke Pohl PCA 12
2 Ethan Rice LHNW 11
3 Caleb Maher LHNW 12
4 Michael Brannan LHWL 12
5 Jacob Adams LHWL 12
6 Eric Moore PCA 11
7 William Hoover Roeper 10


Boys Cross Country ALL MIAC – SECOND TEAM
1 Timothy Dupree OCS 11
2 Quinn McLaren PCA 12
3 James Jordan CSPA 12
4 Luke Messing OCS 11
5 Matthew Gunn LHNW 9
6 Nathan Sutrick PCA 10
7 Nate Buis NCA 12
7 Devon Nimer LHWL 12


Girls Cross Country ALL MIAC – FIRST TEAM
1 Emily Cameron PCA 10
2 Sienna Ruiter-Diaz PCA 12
3 Nicole Reinhart PCA 10
4 Sarah Reinhart PCA 10
5 Riley Day LHWL 12
6 Katie Rogers CSPA 10
7 Marina Abner CSPA 12


Girls Cross Country ALL MIAC – SECOND TEAM
1 Joy Chamerlain PCA 12
2 Madelin Chau SCS 12
3 Shelby Buis NCA 12
4 Paula Farmer LHWL 10
5 Kayla Williams SCS 10
6 Eva Warmbier PCA 11
7 Alexis Donnan SCS 9
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MIAC Runners Endure Wet Conditions For 2nd Jamboree

This past Tuesday the MIAC conference hosted the 2nd MIAC Cross Country Jamboree of the season hosted by Lutheran Westland at Hines Park.  Due to the rain this past weekend it made running conditions wet and muddy for the runners but the host school, Lutheran Westland did a great job preparing the course for the meet.  Plymouth Christian once again won both the boys and girls races giving them the inside track to the conference titles at next Friday’s MIAC Conference Championship that will be hosted by Lutheran Northwest at Spencer Park in Rochester Hills.  Luke Pohl from Plymouth Christian once again won the boys race while Nicole Reinhart and Emily Cameron, both from Plymouth Christian flipped the top two spots from the 1st Jamboree.  Below are the meet results from the 2nd jamboree.

Boys Team Standings

1. Plymouth Christian Academy 44
2. Rochester Hills Lutheran NW  57
3. Lutheran HS Westland  78
4. Charyl Stockwell Academy  100
5. Auburn Hills Oakland Christian  126
6. Birmingham Roeper  139
7. Southfield Christian  167
Girls Team Standings
1. Plymouth Christian Academy  18
2. Charyl Stockwell Academy  65
3. Southfield Christian  72
4. Lutheran HS Westland  86
5. Rochester Hills Lutheran NW  120
Boys Individual Standings
1.SrLuke Pohl17:55.4Plymouth Christian Academy
2.SrCaleb Maher18:16.1Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
3.SrJames Jordan18:23.6Charyl Stockwell Academy
4.SrJacob Adams18:23.9Lutheran HS Westland
5.JrLuke Messing18:36.2Auburn Hills Oakland Christian
6.SoWilliam Hoover18:38.8Birmingham Roeper
7.JrEric Moore18:50.7Plymouth Christian Academy
8.JrEthan Rice19:01.5Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
9.JrTimothy Dupree19:03.1Auburn Hills Oakland Christian
10.SrNate Buis19:12.1Novi Christian Academy
11.SrMichael Brannan19:15.1Lutheran HS Westland
12.SrQuinn McLaren19:25.2Plymouth Christian Academy
13.SrCaleb Godin19:31.3Plymouth Christian Academy
14.FrSpencer Mistele19:36.2Plymouth Christian Academy
15.FrMathew Gunn19:45.1Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
16.SoNathan Sutrick20:10.8Plymouth Christian Academy
17.SoAustin West20:32.3Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
18.SoMax Drummelsmith20:33.6Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
19.JrAndrew Shea20:49.8Sterling Heights Parkway
20.SrSimon Hatcher20:52.2Charyl Stockwell Academy
21.FrTravis Kurth20:55.5Lutheran HS Westland
22.SrEric Wagoner21:02.1Southfield Christian
23.FrJoey McMahon21:03.4Lutheran HS Westland
24.FrTreavor Capoferi21:04.1Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
25.SoCarson Lucas21:21.3Charyl Stockwell Academy
26.SoLogan Betke21:22.6Lutheran HS Westland
27.JrNate Reddeman21:36.8Lutheran HS Westland
28.JrMichael Warner21:45.2Charyl Stockwell Academy
29.SoPeyton Anderson21:49.9Lutheran HS Westland
30.FrEthan McFarland21:55.3Auburn Hills Oakland Christian
31.SoMaguire Smith22:03.5Birmingham Roeper
32.FrCaleb Thomas22:11.6Sterling Heights Parkway
33.SrSam Goehmann22:12.9Lutheran HS Westland
34.FrJosh Reddeman22:20.5Lutheran HS Westland
35.FrNoah Grace22:31.4Charyl Stockwell Academy
36.SoJonah Mougoue22:43.7Birmingham Roeper
37.SoMiles Durst22:44.2Birmingham Roeper
38.SrCarter Kovacs22:50.7Lutheran HS Westland
39.FrGabriel Warner23:00.8Charyl Stockwell Academy
40.JrJohnathan Scott23:16.0Southfield Christian
41.FrAshton Glenn23:17.5Southfield Christian
42.SoJaden Johnston23:26.7Charyl Stockwell Academy
43.SrNoah Buerkel23:31.0Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
44.SoParker Dayton23:42.4Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
45.SoOwen Myers23:57.2Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
46.FrTyler Kowalski24:17.2Southfield Christian
47.JrPreston McFarland24:20.4Auburn Hills Oakland Christian
48.FrMichael Tuomi24:30.1Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
49.SrMicah Nelson24:43.0Southfield Christian
50.JrDylan Stevens24:47.3Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
51.FrGabriel Shouse24:50.7Charyl Stockwell Academy
52.JrEvan Fisher24:57.4Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
53.JrChristian Henderson25:19.3Birmingham Roeper
54.FrPeyton Becker25:20.3Sterling Heights Parkway
55.SrJonah Stephens25:27.7Southfield Christian
56.FrBen Wedepohl25:30.0Birmingham Roeper
57.FrChukwubuikem Anwunah25:49.4Plymouth Christian Academy
58.FrColin Jack26:01.5Auburn Hills Oakland Christian
59.SoRaymond Hatcher26:10.8Charyl Stockwell Academy
60.FrKristopher Matthews26:29.8Southfield Christian
61.JrRiley Dickerson26:33.2Charyl Stockwell Academy
62.SoDominick Tornambe26:34.9Novi Christian Academy
63.SrElijah King26:36.1Auburn Hills Oakland Christian
64.FrAshton Brown26:42.2Auburn Hills Oakland Christian
65.JrBryant Muldoon28:37.9Charyl Stockwell Academy
66.SrBruce Pollatz28:50.4Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
67.SrDavid Gammon35:29.8Auburn Hills Oakland Christian
68.SrCJ Johnstone39:02.1Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
69.SrCarl Engelmann39:52.9Auburn Hills Oakland Christian
Girls Individual Standings
1. So Nicole Reinhart 21:41.0 Plymouth Christian Academy
2. So Emily Cameron 21:54.1 Plymouth Christian Academy
3. Sr Sienna Ruiter-Diaz 22:24.4 Plymouth Christian Academy
4. So Sarah Reinhart 22:30.2 Plymouth Christian Academy
5. Sr Marina Abner 22:31.6 Charyl Stockwell Academy
6. So Katie Rogers 23:20.8 Charyl Stockwell Academy
7. So Paula Farmer 23:57.2 Lutheran HS Westland
8. Sr Joy Chamberlain 24:57.5 Plymouth Christian Academy
9. Sr Madelin Chau 25:04.5 Southfield Christian
10. Sr Shelby Buis 25:48.2 Novi Christian Academy
11. So Kayla Williams 25:55.7 Southfield Christian
12. Sr Holly Smith 26:00.2 Southfield Christian
13. Jr Annabelle Tyrrell 26:11.2 Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
14. Jr Eva Warmbier 26:11.9 Plymouth Christian Academy
15. Fr Kelli Groen 26:27.2 Plymouth Christian Academy
16. Jr Isabel Mossel 26:37.8 Plymouth Christian Academy
17. Sr Victoria Rogers 26:58.9 Charyl Stockwell Academy
18. Fr Alexis Donnan 27:09.2 Southfield Christian
So Antonia Rulhoff 27:31.5 Lutheran HS Westland
20. Fr Audra Hoeft 27:31.7 Lutheran HS Westland
21. Jr Lauryn Hewer 27:37.4 Charyl Stockwell Academy
22. So Maddie Buszka 28:01.4 Charyl Stockwell Academy
23. Sr Yvonne Rilett 28:39.7 Lutheran HS Westland
24. Jr Grace Vollmert 28:51.8 Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
25. Jr Ella Godin 29:00.9 Plymouth Christian Academy
26. So Katelyn Ermshler 29:20.7 Auburn Hills Oakland Christian
27. Sr Ruthie Seltz 29:27.9 Lutheran HS Westland
28. Sr Marissa Gonzales 29:35.3 Lutheran HS Westland
29. Fr Nora Hollman 29:49.2 Lutheran HS Westland
30. So Tatiyana Carnes 29:49.5 Plymouth Christian Academy
31. So Bella Stephens 31:14.6 Southfield Christian
32. Fr Anna Leidecker 31:25.0 Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
33. Sr Kendall Huff 31:43.7 Southfield Christian
34. So Adria Dixon 31:45.5 Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
35. Fr Hannah Ewing 32:34.2 Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
36. Jr Susan Goehmann 32:42.8 Lutheran HS Westland
37. Fr Lilly Hallgren 33:11.3 Southfield Christian
38. Fr Grace Donnelly 34:27.7 Charyl Stockwell Academy
39. Sr Sophie Karmanos 36:52.6 Birmingham Roeper
40. Sr Hannah Wedepohl 36:52.9 Birmingham Roeper
41. Fr Abigail Sharath 48:00.0 Novi Christian Academy
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Plymouth Christian Sweeps 1st MIAC Cross Country Event

Plymouth Christian took 1st place for both boys and girls in the first MIAC Jamobree of the season on September 25 at Oakland Christian.  Senior Luke Pohl from Plymouth Christian won the boys race in 17:37 while Sophomore Emily Cameron from Plymouth Christian won the girls race in 21:36.  The next MIAC Jamboree will be held on October 9 at Hines Park hosted by Lutheran Westland at 5 PM.  Below are the team and individual results from the 1st MIAC Jamboree.

Boys Team Standings

  1. Plymouth Christian 42
  2. Lutheran NW 51
  3. Lutheran Westland 78
  4. Charyl Stockwell 95
  5. Roeper 147
  6. Southfield Christian 153
  7. Oakland Christian 156
Girls Team Standings
1. Plymouth Christian 24
2. Southfield Christian 69
3. Lutheran Westland 78
4. Charyl Stockwell 82
5. Lutheran NW 98
Boys Individual 
1. Sr Luke Pohl 17:37.8 Plymouth Christian Academy
2. Jr Ethan Rice 18:04.0 Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
3. Sr Caleb Maher 18:11.5 Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
4. Sr Michael Brannan 18:29.0 Lutheran HS Westland
5. So William Hoover 18:52.6 Birmingham Roeper
6. Jr Eric Moore 18:55.9 Plymouth Christian Academy
7. Jr Timothy Dupree 18:56.1 Auburn Hills Oakland Christian
8. Sr James Jordan 19:03.0 Charyl Stockwell Academy
9. Sr Jacob Adams 19:10.0 Lutheran HS Westland
10. Sr Nate Buis 19:10.3 Novi Christian Academy
11. So Nathan Sutrick 19:33.4 Plymouth Christian Academy
12. Fr Mathew Gunn 19:36.7 Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
13. Sr Caleb Godin 19:52.6 Plymouth Christian Academy
14. Sr Quinn McLaren 19:57.0 Plymouth Christian Academy
15. Jr Tre Hill 19:57.6 Charyl Stockwell Academy
16. Fr Spencer Mistele 20:18.2 Plymouth Christian Academy
17. Sr Eric Wagoner 20:28.7 Southfield Christian
18. So Max Drummelsmith 20:41.8 Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
19. So Austin West 20:51.1 Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
20. Jr Ian Gruenhagen 21:17.7 Lutheran HS Westland
21. Fr Treavor Capoferi 21:23.8 Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
22. Sr Simon Hatcher 21:29.8 Charyl Stockwell Academy
23. Fr Travis Kurth 21:35.7 Lutheran HS Westland
24. Jr Andrew Shea 21:36.0 Sterling Heights Parkway
25. So Carson Lucas 21:36.3 Charyl Stockwell Academy
26. Jr Nate Reddeman 21:47.7 Lutheran HS Westland
27. So Peyton Anderson 21:59.5 Lutheran HS Westland
28. Fr Ethan McFarland 22:03.1 Auburn Hills Oakland Christian
29. So Brendan Pehlke 22:19.8 Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
30. Sr Jonah Stephens 22:20.4 Southfield Christian
31. So Jaden Johnston 22:35.9 Charyl Stockwell Academy
32. So Logan Betke 22:36.8 Lutheran HS Westland
33. So Maguire Smith 22:49.0 Birmingham Roeper
34. Sr Carter Kovacs 22:54.3 Lutheran HS Westland
35. Fr Joey McMahon 22:57.1 Lutheran HS Westland
36. Jr Michael Warner 23:03.1 Charyl Stockwell Academy
37. Jr Johnathan Scott 23:11.7 Southfield Christian
38. Sr Noah Buerkel 23:16.4 Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
39. Fr Noah Grace 23:21.5 Charyl Stockwell Academy
40. Sr Sam Goehmann 23:23.5 Lutheran HS Westland
41. So Jonah Mougoue 23:24.8 Birmingham Roeper
42. So Parker Dayton 23:25.8 Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
43. Fr Josh Reddeman 23:27.0 Lutheran HS Westland
44. So Miles Durst 23:27.8 Birmingham Roeper
45. So Owen Myers 23:35.6 Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
46. Jr Dylan Stevens 23:36.5 Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
47. Sr Micah Nelson 23:41.5 Southfield Christian
48. Jr Preston McFarland 24:04.9 Auburn Hills Oakland Christian
49. Fr Tyler Kowalski 24:08.1 Southfield Christian
50. Jr Gray Glasser 24:15.9 Charyl Stockwell Academy
51. Jr Christian Henderson 24:26.1 Birmingham Roeper
52. Fr Ashton Brown 24:30.3 Auburn Hills Oakland Christian
53. Fr Ashton Glenn 24:41.7 Southfield Christian
54. Fr Michael Tuomi 24:51.7 Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
55. Fr Ben Wedepohl 24:53.1 Birmingham Roeper
56. Jr Evan Fisher 24:54.1 Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
57. So Logan Hargest 24:59.8 Charyl Stockwell Academy
58. Fr Gabriel Warner 25:31.3 Charyl Stockwell Academy
59. Jr Riley Dickerson 25:31.8 Charyl Stockwell Academy
60. Sr Elijah King 25:43.9 Auburn Hills Oakland Christian
61. So Raymond Hatcher 25:44.9 Charyl Stockwell Academy
62. Fr Chukwubuikem Anwunah 26:02.8 Plymouth Christian Academy
63. Fr Colin Jack 26:12.4 Auburn Hills Oakland Christian
64. Sr Trent Buday 26:56.1 Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
65. Fr Peyton Becker 27:15.9 Sterling Heights Parkway
66. Fr Kristopher Matthews 27:26.9 Southfield Christian
67. Sr Bruce Pollatz 27:31.7 Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
68. Fr Matteo Papadopoulos 27:41.4 Birmingham Roeper
69. Fr Zach Shore 27:45.1 Rochester Hills Lutheran NW
70. Fr Gabriel Shouse 28:18.5 Charyl Stockwell Academy
71. Jr Bryant Muldoon 29:00.0 Charyl Stockwell Academy
72. So Max Ulrich 29:36.9 Auburn Hills Oakland Christian
73. Sr David Gammon 35:13.7 Auburn Hills Oakland Christian
74. Sr Carl Engelmann 43:01.5 Auburn Hills Oakland Christian

Girls Individual 

1.SoEmily Cameron21:36.2Plymouth Christian Academy

2.SoNicole Reinhart21:49.6Plymouth Christian Academy

3.SoSarah Reinhart23:04.0Plymouth Christian Academy

4.SrMarina Abner23:07.2Charyl Stockwell Academy

5.SoKatie Rogers23:23.3Charyl Stockwell Academy

6.SrRiley Day23:38.9Lutheran HS Westland

7.SoPaula Farmer23:53.6Lutheran HS Westland

8.SrJoy Chamberlain24:51.3Plymouth Christian Academy

9.SrMadelin Chau25:01.8Southfield Christian1

0.SrShelby Buis25:41.9Novi Christian Academy

11.JrEva Warmbier25:54.8Plymouth Christian Academy

12.SoKayla Williams26:02.2Southfield Christian

13.SrHolly Smith26:03.4Southfield Christian

14.FrKelli Groen26:19.9Plymouth Christian Academy

15.FrAlexis Donnan26:27.7Southfield Christian

16.JrAnnabelle Tyrrell26:58.1Rochester Hills Lutheran NW

17.SoAdria Dixon27:00.6Rochester Hills Lutheran NW

18.FrAnna Leidecker27:02.5Rochester Hills Lutheran NW

19.JrIsabel Mossel27:18.1Plymouth Christian Academy

20.SoAntonia Rulhoff27:23.6Lutheran HS Westland

21.JrGrace Vollmert27:29.7Rochester Hills Lutheran NW

22.SrRuthie Seltz27:30.1Lutheran HS Westland

23.SoMaddie Buszka28:20.8Charyl Stockwell Academy

24.SoBella Stephens28:33.3Southfield Christian

25.JrLauryn Hewer28:37.4Charyl Stockwell Academy

26.SrYvonne Rilett28:48.5Lutheran HS Westland

27.SoKatelyn Ermshler28:54.7Auburn Hills Oakland Christian

28.FrAudra Hoeft29:00.1Lutheran HS Westland

29.SrVictoria Rogers29:02.3Charyl Stockwell Academy

30.SrHaley Redfern29:30.9Auburn Hills Oakland Christian

31.JrElla Godin29:40.4Plymouth Christian Academy

32.FrLilly Hallgren29:55.2Southfield Christian

33.SrMarissa Gonzales30:38.5Lutheran HS Westland

34.FrNora Hollman31:04.2Lutheran HS Westland

35.SoTatiyana Carnes31:20.2Plymouth Christian Academy

36.FrHannah Ewing31:44.5Rochester Hills Lutheran NW

37.JrSusan Goehmann32:05.3Lutheran HS Westland

38.SrKendall Huff32:49.1Southfield Christian

39.SrChloe Frazier33:13.6Auburn Hills Oakland Christian

40.FrGrace Donnelly33:52.9Charyl Stockwell Academy

41.FrAdeline Sanchez35:50.4Auburn Hills Oakland Christian

42.FrAbigail Sharath47:54.9Novi Christian Academy

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