2024 MIAC Softball All-Conference Team

2024 MIAC Softball Player of the Year: Soleil Weaver – Plymouth Christian

2024 MIAC Softball Coach of the Year: Jori Groen – Plymouth Christian

2024 MIAC Softball All-Conference 1st Team:

Clara Groen Plymouth Christian 10
Chloe Paryaski Plymouth Christian 11
Sophie Paryaski Plymouth Christian 11
Soleil Weaver Plymouth Christian 12
Becky Reddeman Lutheran Westland/Hope Christian 11
Katelyn Ruth Lutheran Westland/Hope Christian 11
Chloe Chote Lutheran Westland/Hope Christian `12
McKenna Pehlke Lutheran Northwest 12
Alyssa Parets Lutheran Northwest 9
Kamryn Kasak Lutheran Northwest 12
Abby Franey Oakland Christian 12
Caroline Beggs Oakland Christian 12
Brooke Anthony Inter-City Baptist 10
Macy Harrison Inter-City Baptist 10
Sierra Dorst Clarenceville 12
Molly Ronquillo Southfield Christian 11
Josie Boutorwick Parkway Christian 10
Lilly Yax Whitmore Lake 12

2024 MIAC Softball All-Conference 2nd Team:

Kallie Brodhagen Plymouth Christian 11
Chloe Martin Plymouth Christian 11
Ellie Weertz Plymouth Christian 11
Allie Coleman Lutheran Westland/Hope Christian 10
Brazil Wild Lutheran Westland/Hope Christian 9
Grace McDonald Lutheran Westland/Hope Christian 12
Aida Deschner Lutheran Northwest 12
Ashley Abele Lutheran Northwest 11
Rowan Klein Oakland Christian 10
Ellie Douglas Oakland Christian 10
Sarah Goering Inter-City Baptist 12
Chloe Smith Inter-City Baptist 10
Ameah Adams Clarenceville 11
Alizae Millbauer Clarenceville 12
Chloe Schoon Southfield Christian 11
Jillian Hulley Parkway Christian 12
Isabella Richard Whitmore Lake 12